Granite/Asphalt - Segmented

Diamond Blade Gold (Concrete/ Granite / Asphalt)

  • D-44373 Concrete 80m/s max 15,300min
  • D-44389 Concrete 80m/s max 13,300min
  • D-44395 Concrete 80m/s max 12,250min
  • D-44404 Concrete 80m/s max 8,500min
  • D-44410 Concrete 80m/s max 6,650min
Part # Description
D-44373 Diamond Blade 105mm x 20mm Segmented
D-44389 Diamond Blade 115mm x 22.23mm Segmented
D-44395 Diamond Blade 124mm x 22.23mm Segmented
D-44404 Diamond Blade 180mm x 22.23mm Segmented
D-44410 Diamond Blade 230mm x 22.23mm Segmented

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.