DFS452TJX2 18V Cordless Brushless Screwdriver and Autofeed attachment

  • Drives up to 2,325 screws with Push drive technology mode using 1 x 5.0Ah battery
  • Brushless motor delivers 4,000RPM
  • Push Drive Technology - in lock-on mode the motor starts only when the fastener is engaged for a quieter work environment and to save battery power
  • Adjustable nose piece delivers consistent screw depth
  • One-touch locator allows for easy locator installation/removal with a single action
  • 3-Stage LED gauge indicates battery charge level
  • XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology)

Optional Accessories

  • 5-pc PH2 Bit AutoPac 199155-7
  • 5-pc SQ2 Bit AutoPac (199156-5)

Included accessories: Auto feed attachment comes with 1 x phillips bit

Included ToolsDFS452Z
 Auto feed attachment (199078-9)
Battery2 x 18V LXT Li-ion batteries 5.0Ah (BL1850B)
Charger18V LXT Rapid charger (DC18RC)
BagMakpac case type 2 (196648-5)
Available options
DFS452TJX2  supplied with 2x 5.0ah batteries, Rapid charger , Autofeed attachment and Makpac 2 case

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.