EK7301WS 73cc 355mm (14") Power Cutter

  • High performance with powerful 5.1 HP/73 cc. Engine
  • Improved decompression valve and metering spring for precise fuel regulation at start up
  • Ignition coil with start-support function stores electrical energy with each pull for easier start ups
  • Five stage filtration system with advanced directional air flow, provides cleaner air for better saw performance
  • Cutting arm position simply changes from center position to flush (outboard) position allowing cuts directly adjacent to curb edges, wall or directly above the ground
  • Cushioned operator grips with 4 vibration-absorption rubber buffers for increased operator comfort
  • Microchip controlled carburetor designed to compensate engine timing according to work load
  • 2-mass dampening system engineered to provide reduced vibration to operator
Engine displacement73cc
Power output3.8kW
Fuel tank capacity1,100ml
Wheel diameter355mm
Max cutting depth122mm
Overall dimensions770mm
Net weight10.1kg
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