EW1060HX 33cc 4-Stroke High Pressure Water Pump

  • Makita "Mini 4 Stroke" motor
  • High pressure pump with 33cc 4 Stroke OHV engine
  • Low emissions and noise level
  • Flat stable foot plate - convenient carry handle
  • Delivers 130 litre per minute via 1" hose
  • 45mtr total head - 148ft/64PSi
  • Suction and Delivery hoses 25mm diameter
  • Incredible performance

Included accessories: 8m delivery hose, 3 mtr suction hose, Filter, spray nozzle

Engine displacement33.5cc
Power output1.2kW
Fuel tank capacity650ml
Fuel mixregular
Max pumping capacity130 L/min
Hose diameter25.4mm (1")
Overall dimensions356mm
Net weight7.5kg
Auto Decompression Capacitor discharge ignition Primer Pump

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.