Cyclone attachment Set

Makita has come out with a new cyclone vacuum attachment (199491-1) that works with their cordless hand vacs, but it could also potentially be used with other vacuums

They say that it captures up to 90% of dust particles, which helps to "reduce the need to empty vacuum main canister/filter by up to 84%."

It can be rotated or repositioned, in case you need to use the vacuum in tight spaces

  • Separates 90% of dust to maintain suction power
  • Dust collection capacity: 400 ml
  • Weight: 0.35 kg
  • One-piece mounting and removal of the dust cover

Ideal for Makita cordless vacuum's DVC261, DVC260, DCL180, DCL181, DCL182, CL106FD, CL108F

Part # Description
199491-1 Cyclone attachment Set

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