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Regeneration - Leader in Sustainability

Innovation and recycling go hand-in-hand

Discover the eco-friendly path for your old Makita batteries, Makita Regeneration!

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the initial purchase. When it's time to retire your batteries, we offer a hassle-free recycling process that ensures they are given new life in an environmentally responsible manner.

At our Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch Factory Service Centres, you'll find dedicated drop-off points for your old and used Makita batteries. We've installed fireproof bins on-site, prioritising safety throughout the entire recycling journey.

Once collected from one of our three factory Service Centres, your batteries embark on a transformative journey.

  • They are carefully transported to a local specialised used battery yard for sorting.
  • The batteries are then dispatched to state-of-the-art treatment plants in Japan and South Korea where they are skilfully dismantled and broken down into valuable raw materials. These materials find new purpose in the manufacturing of steel, significantly reducing the need for extracting new resources.
  • By maximising the utility of each battery, we minimise the likelihood of hazardous waste ending up in the environment.

By participating in the Makita Regeneration battery recycling program, you will actively contribute to the circular economy and help protect our planet. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while ensuring the responsible disposal of our batteries.

Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future!

Recycling bin

What you need to do


Want to dispose of your Lithium-ion Batteries?

When its time to retire your batteries, we offer hassle-free recycling process

Drop off Location

Drop off your old batteries for free at our convenient locations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Recycling Program

Once collected they are carefully sent to a specialised battery export yard, as 98% of battery components can be reused
Map Pin It's easy! Simply bring your old batteries and deposit them in the collection unit at the front entrance of our Makita Factory Service Centres.
Hand We work with Phoenix Metalman Recycling and others both here in NZ and overseas to ensure lithium battery packs get properly recycled.
24/7 For safety our battery recycling unit comes installed with a built-in fire suppression system which is monitored 24/7.
Checklist Makita's Regeneration program is independently audited in accordance with IMDG regulations ready for Export under an EPA approved hazardous waste licence.

Find a drop-off location near you

When batteries are recycled at various processors, valuable metals can be recovered

To do your part, recycle your used batteries at any one of our Makita drop-off locations. Your batteries have worked hard for you - give them the chance at the second life they deserve.