Elite Torsion double-ended screwdriver bits - Phillips head

  • New generation Phillips screw bit ideal for continuous high torque fastening with impact drivers
  • Tapered Shank absorbs excessive torque by twisting itself
Part # Type Size Description
B-21836 PH1 65mm Blister 3pk
B-20703 PH2 65mm Blister 3pk
B-21870 PH3 65mm Blister 3pk
B-21842 PH1 85mm Blister 3pk
B-12326 PH2 85mm Blister 3pk
B-21886 PH3 85mm Blister 3pk
B-21858 PH1 110mm Blister 3pk
B-21864 PH2 110mm Blister 3pk
B-21892 PH3 110mm Blister 3pk

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