ImpactX Bit sets

  • XPAND STORAGE SYSTEM™ is removable and holds up to 50 extra bits
  • Bit keepers rotate 90º for easy bit removal
  • Retention loop for convenient storage

  • Precision machined tips with superior fitment for full contact fit and longer life

  • Performance-optimised S2 steel construction for extended life
  • Calibrated heat treating process for added durability
  • Manganese Phosphate surface for advanced corrosion resistance
  • Optimal geometry for an ideal fit and improved holding power
Part # Type Size Description
A-98326 ImpactX™ 35 Pc. Bit Set 28x Insert Bits, 4x Power Bits, 1x Bit Holder, 2x Nut Driver

A-98332 ImpactX™ 40 Pc. Bit Set 29x Insert Bits, 7x Power Bits, 1x Bit Holder, 3x Nut Driver

A-98348 ImpactX™ 50 Pc. Bit Set 32x Insert Bits, 12x Power Bits, 2x Bit Holder, 4x Nut Driver

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.