Phillips No.2 (5 Pcs) Set

Collated Screw Driver Tips

Only compatible with models DFS250, DFS452, FS2300, FS4300 using 199078-9 Autofeed attachment set

Part # Type Size Description
199155-7 Shank Type MZ 130mm Phillips No.2 (5 Pcs) Set
784234-0 Shank Type MZ 110mm Suits 6831D
A-12697 Shank Type NZ 117mm Suits 6830
A-45858 Shank Type NZ 122mm Suits BFR440
A-16536 Shank Type NZ 132mm Suits 6832, 6833, 6835D,6836,6840,DFR450
A-19825 Shank Type NZ 146mm Suits 6834
B-10481 Shank Type NZ 162mm 6842, 6843, DFR540, DFR550, 6846

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