Heat gun accessories HG6030K, HG6530VKIT, HG6531CKIT

Heat gun accessories For Model HG6030, HG6530V, HG6531C

  • (PR00000028) Glass protection nozzle
  • (PR00000029) Wide-slot nozzle
  • (PR00000030) Reflector nozzle
  • (PR00000031) Reduction nozzle 20
  • (PR00000032) Overlap welding nozzle
  • (PR00000033) Solder sleeves reflector
  • (PR00000034) Welding nozzle
  • (PR00000035) Pressure roller
  • (PR00000036) ABS Welding rods
  • (PR00000037) HDPE Welding rods
  • (PR00000038) PP Welding rods
  • (PR00000039) Speed welding nozzle
  • (PR00000040) Scraper
  • (PR00000041) Scraper set
  • (PR00000042) Scraper
Part # Description
PR00000028 Glass protection nozzle
PR00000029 Wide-slot nozzle
PR00000030 Reflector nozzle
PR00000031 Reduction nozzle 20
PR00000032 Overlap welding nozzle
PR00000033 Solder sleeves reflector
PR00000034 Welding nozzle
PR00000035 Pressure roller
PR00000036 ABS Welding rods
PR00000037 HDPE Welding rods
PR00000038 PP Welding rods
PR00000039 Speed welding nozzle
PR00000040 Scraper
PR00000041 Scraper set
PR00000042 Scraper

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.