Power Cutter Pressurised water tank

  • Provides pressurized water when a standard hose or hose bib is not available
  • Helps control dust while making cuts 2.6 gallon capacity for less downtime
  • Portable and Easy to Operate
  • Easy-to-operate hand pump that provides 44 to 74 PSI (or 3 to 5 atmospheres of water pressure)
  • Pop-up indicator tells the user when adequate pressure has been reached
  • It has a durable and lightweight poly-carbonate constructionn With a mountable base that provides increased stability
  • It connects directly to water supply kits using the quick-release coupling on Makita power cutters, so it's ideal for controlling dust while making cuts
  • It also includes a nozzle that adjusts from mist to spray
Part # Description
988 394 610 Pressurise water tank

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