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The New 40Vmax standalone system will stand side-by-side
with industry-leading LXT ® System. 

Since the Launch of 18V LXT in 2005, Makita has been leading the way in Cordless Tool innovation and technology.  18V LXT provides consumers with not only the largest range on one battery, it also provides consumers with the most reliable and efficient tools available. 

Our vision as a Company is to provide consumers with a battery solution for all applications across Building Construction, Industrial, Outdoor Power Equipment and Commercial Cleaning Channels.

In keeping with our vision.  Makita is ready to lead the way once again in 2019, we are excited to announcement the launch of our new XGT 40V battery system that will coexist with LXT and continue towards our vision of a battery solution for all applications!

Makita will continue to invest heavily in LXT, and there is a tremendous roadmap of new LXT products in the pipeline for trade users in all segments. The LXT Advantage seamlessly utilises a single battery across hundreds of products, with the ability of added power by using two 18 volt batteries in select products with X2. This is a simple concept that has revolutionised how work is done on job sites.

The introduction of a charging adaptor has enabled consumers to charge both LXT and XGT batteries when using the XGT charger.

XGT Benefits


XGT is a genuine solution for high demand Industrial applications, A combination of innovative tool design and higher output batteries, providing a genuine solution for high demand industrial users as well!



XGT and LXT will co-exist to provide users with an unmatched line-up of cordless tools for professional trade applications all the way up the high demand Industrial applications.

The introduction of a charging adaptor has enabled consumers to charge both batteries when using the XGT charger. Makita will continue to develop and release new LXT tools for professional trade applications and the introduction of 40V Max will provide consumers with a genuine solution for high demand Industrial applications.

The XGT range of tools and batteries come with built-inprogram, providing digital communication between the battery and tool.  Allowing not only for the battery to talk with tool but also the tool to talk to the battery.  This Provides Makita XGT a foundation to adapt to even higher technology advances in the future.  

The incorporation of tool design, higher output batteries and built in communication program makes XGT the best high demand system on the market, reinforcing the leadership role Makita has when it comes to innovation and technology.  Makita XGT is a genuine LONG-TERM SOLUTION!


XGT is durable and built to perform!

Reliable tools are a must for all professional applicationsnone more so than high demand industrial applications.  

XGT is built tough.  The batteries are designed to include impact absorbing padding and a heavy-duty outer casing.  The tools them self-have been built to include added housing and battery terminal strength.

XGT batteries and tools are also built to withstand tough environmental conditions.  The batteries and selected tools have been submitted for approve to qualify for IPX4 water resistance protection.  This means that they have been built to be withstand splashing or spraying water from any angle.

The tough XGT construction and water-resistant design is supported by a charging system that charges batteries in as little as 28 minutes. Further making the XGT platform the most reliable on the market.  XGT is durable and built to perform!

XGT® 40Vmax Brushless Impact Driver
XGT® 40Vmax Brushless 3/4" Impact Wrench
XGT® 40Vmax Brushless Impact Driver
XGT® 40Vmax Brushless Driver Drill

XGT® 40Vmax Brushless Recipro Saw
XGT® 40Vmax Brushless AWS 185mm Circular Saw
XGT® 40Vmax Brushless Grinder 125mm Slide Switch

XGT® 40Vmax Brushless Grinder 125mm Paddle Switch

XGT® 40Vmax Brushless AWS AVT® 28mm Rotary
Hammer Normal chuck

XGT® 40Vmax Brushless AWS AVT® 28mm Rotary
Hammer quick change chuck

XGT® 40Vmax Brushless 6-Pc Combo Kit (4.0Ah)
XGT® 40Vmax Brushless 2-Pc Combo Kit (4.0Ah)

 Makita is creating the cordless future, and will continue to invest heavily in LXT.  There is a tremendous roadmap of new LXT products in the pipeline for users in all segments, further driving the growth of the LXT System to over 250 products in 2020.
18V LXT®  Brushless Planer
18V/14.4V/AC Cordless 96 LED Worklight, 10,000 Lumens
18V/14.4V/AC Cordless Area Worklight 5,500 Lumens
12Vmax CXT/ 18V LXT Battery charging jobsite radio
18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless Grease Gun
DRV150Z / DRV250Z
18V LXT Li-Ion Brushless Rivet Gun

This an exciting time for existing Makita users and new users alike.  The complete solution LXT and XGT provide for applications across Building Construction, Industrial, Power Garden and Commercial Cleaning Channels is unmatched. 

Our plan is to continue to rollout many new LXT & XGT products over the coming 12 months and for years to follow.

 * Final specification to be confirmed subject to further testing, Actual specifications may vary 

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