AT638A Narrow Crown Stapler

  • Conveniently located push button type air duster for continuous operation
  • Protective bumpers protect workpiece and body from scratches/damage
  • High power of max air pressure 0.83 MPa (120 PSI) provides secure fastening of flooring point
  • Toolless driving depth adjustment simply by turning a dial
  • Large fastener capacity of 100 nails for fewer reloads and less downtime
  • Ergonomically designed rubber grip with anti-slipping rib provides more comfort and better control
  • Drives 18 GA staples with 5.7 mm crown from 13-38 mm (1/2"-1-1/2") length
  • Operable in either way of "bump fire mode (contact actuation mode)" or "(single) sequential actuation mode"
  • Bump fire mode (contact actuation mode) drives staples repetitively for quick operation

Included accessories: Oil, clear glasses

Operating pressure70 - 120 psi
- Length13 - 38 mm
- Width5.7 mm
- Gauge18 Ga
Magazine capacity100pc
Overall dimensions230x75x251 mm
Net weight1.2kg
Available options

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.