DVC660 18Vx2 Cordless 32mm Brushless Backpack HEPA Vacuum

  • Brushless motor allows 2.2 m³/min of Max air flow / 11 kPa of Max sealed suction
  • Delivers up to 140 mins of run time using 2 x BL1860B on normal setting
  • 5.5 L large dust bag capacity enables continuous cleaning work
  • Mode memory function allows to start in the same suction power when you turned it off previously Noise Level dB:
  • (at 1m ) Max:69dB, High:65dB, Normal:62dB
  • (at 1.5m) Max:66.5dB, High:62.6dB, Normal:59.8dB

Optional if converting to 32mm Telescopic Pipe

  • Telescopic Pipe (140G19-0)
  • Bent Pipe for Telescopic (140G26-3)
  • Flat nozzle for Telescopic (127082-8)
  • Hose 32mm - 1 meter long (199453-9)

  • 10-Pc Disposable paper Bag (191C26-2 )

Included accessories: Hose 1.0M 32mm (199453-9), Bent Pipe (458184-2), Joint Pipe-Upper(140K01-3), Joint Pipe-Lower (327324-2), Flat Nozzle (VAC-285) and Re-useable Cloth Bag (191C30-1) and HEPA (191D12-9)

Filter typeHEPA
Max sealed suction11kPa
Peak air volume2.2m³/min
- Dust5.5L Paper Bag
Sound Level(at 1m ) Max:69dB, High:65dB, Normal:62dB
- DC PowerBrushless
- Normal25
- High50
- Max95
Overall dimensionsL:297 x W:174 x H:523mm
Net weight5.9kg (Skin)
Voltage18V X2 (36V)
Available options
DVC660ZX1 Skin tool with included accessories
DVC660G4X1 supplied with 4 x 6.0Ah batteries (BL1860B) & Dual Rapid charger (DC18RD)
DVC660G2X1 supplied with 2 x 6.0Ah batteries (BL1860B) & Dual Rapid charger (DC18RD)
Built in Job Light Electronic 3 Speed

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.