HG6530 2,000 W Heat Gun Kit

  • Durable and powerful heat gun with variable temperature control and LCD display
  • 3-speed blower settings for greater versatility
  • Delivers up to 550 L/min at 650°C
  • Variable temperature control (push button switch: by every 10°C)
  • Easy-to-operate slide switch
  • Ergonomic soft rubber grip design for comfortable operation
  • Integrated rear stand supports gun in up position for operator convenience
  • Cooling mode (50°C) with software for rapid cooling on nozzle change
  • Overheat protection with thermostat and thermal fuse

Optional Accessories

Air temperature50 - 650
Air volume550 L/min
Overall dimensions257x85x206 mm
Net weight720 g
Continuous rating input2,000W
Power supply cord2.0M
Available options
HG6530V No Case And Accessories
HG6530VKIT comes with case and PR00000028,PR00000029, PR00000030, PR00000031

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.