JN3201 3.2mm Nibbler (Metal Cutting)

  • New design provides improved control and reduce
  • Increased power from previous machine
  • Uses same punch and die as JN3200
  • Cutting line easily visible

  • Note: When cutting aluminium a coolant such as CRC, WD40 or INOX spray is required

Included accessories: Hex wrench, wrench, punch, die

- Mild steel3.2mm
- Stainless2.5mm
- Aluminium3.5mm
Cutting Radius 
- Inside edge120mm
- Outside edge128mm
Strokes per minute1,300spm
Overall dimensions225mm
Net weight3.4kg
Continuous rating input710W
Power supply cord2.5m
Carbon brush303
Available options
Double Insulation

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.