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Product Safety Recall

Makita Petrol Line Trimmer
Models: EM2500L, EM2600L, ER2600L

In the interest of user safety, Makita NZ Ltd is undertaking a voluntary safety recall of Makita Petrol Line Trimmer models EM2500L, EM2600L and ER2600L for replacement of Rubber Grommet in fuel tank.

Defect: After some period of use, the Grommet may deform.

Hazard: When the Grommet deforms, it may cause leakage from fuel tank. No injury has been reported but the leaked fuel poses a fire hazard.

What to do: Check the model and serial number of your line trimmer (see the illustration).
If the model and serial number of your line trimmer are within the affected range — stop using it immediately. Take your line trimmer into the store you bought it from or to a nearest Makita Authorised Service Agent. Makita NZ Ltd will arrange free of charge modification.
Affected range of serial numbers:
from 160500001 to 160500070

from 160400151 to 160400175
from 160700171 to 160700220

from 160500351 to 160500420
from 160600001 to 160600175
from 160700701 to 160700770
from 160800981 to 160801050
from 160901001 to 160901070
from 170200021 to 170200055
from 170301121 to 170301140
from 170401296 to 170401330

ER2600 info

New Zealand Importer / Distributor:
Makita (New Zealand) Ltd
46 Westpoint Drive,
New Zealand

Contact details:
phone: 0800-MAKITA or 0800-625-482