EA3200S 32cc Utility Petrol Chainsaw

  • Lateral chain adjuster
  • Metal spiker bar
  • Primer
  • Soft touch stop system with single lever stop-run-choke
  • Chain oiling is adjustable
  • Automatic oiler with adjuster
  • M2M Anti-vibration design

Included accessories: Guide Bar, Saw Chain, Guide Bar Cover, Steel Spike Bumper, Socket Wrench, Screwdriver

Engine displacement32cc
Power output1.35kW
Fuel tank capacity400ml
Oil tank capacity280ml
Fuel mix50:1
Bar length35cm
Chain type3/8 x 043
Net weight4.1kg
Available options
Anti Vibration Automatic Oiling Capacitor discharge ignition Chain Brake Primer Pump

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.