EK8100 81cc 405mm (16") Power Cutter

  • 405mm (16") power cutter designed for continuous heavy duty use. Perfectly balanced and only weighs 10.6kg
  • Easy start up with On/Off choke combination switch with automatic half throttle lock
  • Easy change from inboard to outboard cutting
  • Tool-less Filter cover
  • Easy change 2-stage air filtration system
  • Optimum vibration dampening
  • Up to 15% less fuel consumption with SLR

Optional Kit

Optional Accessories

Included accessories: Tools, waterfeed kit

Engine displacement81cc
Power output4.5kW
Fuel tank capacity1,100ml
Fuel mix50:1
Wheel diameter405mm
Max cutting depth147mm
Circumferential speed80m/s
No load speed9,350rpm
Overall dimensions800mm
Net weight10.6kg
Available options
Anti Vibration Capacitor discharge ignition

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.