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AVT - Anti Vibration Technology

AVT - Anti Vibration Technology

AVT is designed to reduce vibrations normally transmitted to the operator.

These vibrations induce fatigue, accidents and long term injuries (RSI) etc.

diagram of drill internals

AVT - saves time, money and compliance costs without reducing efficiency.

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Makita used the science of earthquake engineering to introduce the safest heavy-duty power tools available with vibration ratings nearly 50% lower than comparable products. AVT uses the science of dynamic dampening to dramatically reduce rotary vibration and at the same time increase impact power by up to 75%.

Counterweight mechanism

dampens the vibration produced by impact mechanism by moving a counterweight in the opposite direction to the movement of the piston.

cross section diagram of counterweight mechanism

Damper spring

absorbs reaction force caused by drill bit at the moment of impact.

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