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AWS - Auto-Start Wireless System

AWS - Auto-Start Wireless System

Connect with Bluetooth

Makita’s AWS (Auto-Start Wireless System) uses Bluetooth technology for intelligent communication between your tools to eliminate cords, increase performance and reduce dust.

What is AWS?

Makita’s Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS ) uses Bluetooth technology for wireless power-on and power-off communication between the equipped tool and dust extractor. Once connected via AWS , your dust extractor will automatically power on or off when your cordless tool starts or stops, running only when your cordless tool is in use. For added convenience, you can link up to 10 AWS tools to one AWS dust extractor / vacuum.

What are the benefits?

Eliminates Cords
Using our cordless LXT dust extractor with a cordless LXT tool means no more grounding issues, no re-plugging the cord, and reduced trip hazards.

Increases Productivity and Convenience
Intelligent Bluetooth communication using dust extractor only while tool is in use extends battery run time of the dust extractor, increasing productivity on a single charge. Also, by connecting up to 10 AWS tools at a time, just reconnect the dust hose when switching between power tools and reduce time wasted on manually powering multiple tools on and off.

Reduces Excessive Noise
The AWS dust extractor / vacuum runs only while the AWS power tool is in use, reducing continuous noise at the job or work site.

How it works

Picture of standby switch


Set the stand-by switch on the dust extractor to AUTO

Picture of activation button on dust extractor


Press the wireless activation button on the dust extractor for 3 seconds until the wireless activation lamp blinks in green

Picture of activation button on on tool


Then press the wireless activation button on the tool in the same way

Now you're connected!
Just activate your power tool and the dust extractor will automatically start.