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MM4 - Makita 4-Stroke

Revolutionises Outdoor Power Equipment

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Traditionally true 4-stroke was not especially user-friendly or affordable. That all changed with the arrival of Makita’s MM4 mini-4-stroke technology in 2008.

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Combining the knowledge of recognised Japanese engine manufacturer Fuji Robin, and Makita’s own expertise and investment in R&D, Makita produced the unique MM4 (Makita Mini 4-stroke) engine, with features that leave conventional 4-stroke equipment behind.

Minimal environmental impact

No more oil and fuel mixing for all MM4 products - One can is all you need

Makita MM4 also delivers an astonishing 90% reduction in emission levels - only 10% of an equivalent 2-stroke engine.Yet it has a power output of approximately 20-30% more than conventional 4-stroke engines due to its high-combustion efficiency and ignition system.

Work longer, Spend less

Advanced engine & safety features

Day to day tasks are made easier with Makita’s high performance OHV 4-stroke engine. MM4 is lightweight, it’s reduced noise and low vibration levels, plus having a benefit of no oil and fuel mixing, all add up to a user-friendly machine. Fast, easy start makes all Makita Outdoor 4-stroke models safer and easier to use with electronic ignition, a primer pump and automatic decompression on selected models.

Enhanced user features include anti-vibration dampers and lightweight materials for less operator fatigue. Servicing the MM4 engine is fast and easy on all 4-stroke models - saving valuable work time.

High Performance in Compact Design

Makita 4-Stroke Engine delivers high torque and horsepower.

Max. Torque and horsepower of Makita 4-Stroke Engine are almost the same as those of an equivalent 2-Stroke engine.

Compared with the conventional 4-Stroke Engines, Makita 4-Stroke Engine produces approximately 20 to 30 % more power thanks to its high combustion effciency and new developments such as compact spark plug.

Additionally, by employing a unique lubrication system, it has obtained the smallest in class exterior physical dimensions among the 4-Stroke Engines available in the market today.

Clean Exhaust Emissions

Compared with an equivalent 2-Stroke Engine, exhaust emission is drastically reduced to comply with strict regulations in the world, including CARB Tier 3 (California, USA), EPA Phase 2 (USA) and EU Stage 2 (Europe).

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